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ECommerceEducationGamingInformation TechnologyConsumer Products & ServicesSupply Chain, Logistics, and TransportFinancial Services

Avg. hourly rate: < $25
Min. project size: $5,000+
Founded: 2017

Enterprise App ModernizationWeb DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

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**Building Efficient and Scalable Products with Zartek**&#10;&#10;Zartek is dedicated to assisting both individuals and organizations in the efficient creation and scaling of products. Their process involves collaboration with your team to gain a deep understanding of the product and its target audience. They design product wireframes with a focus on the user experience, taking into account how customers will interact with the product. Zartek assigns a dedicated developer to each project, enabling in-depth research. After the product's release, they continue to monitor its usage to identify areas for improvement and new features.&#10;&#10;**List of Services:**&#10;1. **Website Development**&#10;2. **Mobile App Development**&#10;3. **Flutter App Development**&#10;4. **Digital Marketing**&#10;5. **UI &amp; UX Design**&#10;6. **Backend Development**&#10;7. **Mobile Game Development**&#10;&#10;**Specialization:**&#10;&#10;Zartek specializes in hybrid mobile application development using Flutter, a Google-developed hybrid app development kit. Flutter allows for the creation of Android and iOS apps in a shorter time frame and with higher efficiency. Cross-platform development means that the same set of tests doesn't need to be run on different platforms (e.g., iOS and Android), as the programming code only needs to be written once.&#10;&#10;**Why Outsource to Zartek:**&#10;- **Experienced Development Team:** Zartek boasts a team of experienced developers.&#10;- **Cost-Effective:** They offer optimal cost solutions.&#10;- **Customer-Centric Approach:** Their approach is centered around the customer's needs and vision.&#10;&#10;By leveraging Flutter and their customer-driven approach, Zartek can help you efficiently build and scale your products.

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