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Digital Cross-Border Communication
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Advertising & Marketing

China, Shenzhen Shi
Avg. hourly rate: $100 - $149
Min. project size: $1,000+
Founded: 2019

Social Media MarketingAdvertisingSearch Engine Optimization

Company Information

ZEEYA Digital is a dynamic digital marketing agency, with dual bases in China (Shenzhen) and Europe (Austria), dedicated to assisting Chinese organizations in expanding their presence in foreign markets through digital marketing and social media strategies.

Our journey spans over 8 years in the high-tech landscape, where we've collaborated with Europe's foremost companies in Aerospace, Automotive, and Health Science sectors. This rich experience has armed us with an in-depth technical understanding that sets us apart.

At ZEEYA Digital, we empower Chinese businesses to enhance their international reputation and drive sales growth. Through tailored communication strategies that resonate with target markets and leveraging the latest technologies, we ensure our clients' triumph on the global stage.

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