Software development with 36 standards of quality
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Company Size: 50 - 249

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Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 2018

BlockchainWeb DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

WeSoftYou is a software development company that specializes in what they call "Balanced Software Engineering." They have established a unique set of 36 quality standards that allow them to strike a perfect balance between cost, speed, and quality in software development. WeSoftYou's services encompass a wide range, from pioneering Web3/AI solutions for startups to delivering robust and high-quality SaaS for prestigious clients such as the U.S. Government, Fortune 500 companies, Unicorns, YC-backed startups, and top VC-backed enterprises. Their excellence has earned them accolades from globally recognized platforms, including Payoneer, Upwork, and Clutch, and they have also been featured in prominent media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, Sifted, and TechTarget. At the helm of WeSoftYou is a leadership team comprising Maksym Petruk, who brings his experience from the Fortune 500 sector as CEO, Andrii Kovalchuk, a seasoned tech entrepreneur serving as CTO, and Max Ostrozhynskiy, the Design Lead with over 12 years of UX/UI design expertise. These leaders, supported by a robust advisory board made up of experienced tech entrepreneurs, angel investors, and VC fund general partners, position WeSoftYou as a trusted partner for delivering balanced, high-quality software solutions.

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