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Company Size: 250 - 999

AutomotiveFinancial ServicesManufacturingRetail

Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 1997

E-Commerce Development

Core Technologies:

AWS Azure .NET

Company Information

<p><br class="Apple-interchange-newline">For more than two decades, Unity Group has honed its provision of IT services and technological solutions to cater to the evolving demands of medium and large-scale B2B and B2C enterprises both within Poland and internationally. Collaborating with global industry leaders such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, and IKEA, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner.</p><p>Here's a breakdown of Unity Group's achievements:</p><ul><li>Over 500 success stories with clients</li><li>Serving over 100 active clients worldwide</li><li>A growth rate of 30%</li><li>20 years of solid presence in the market</li><li>A team of over 250 experts</li></ul><p>Our expertise lies in delivering solutions across four fundamental domains:</p><p>&#8226; Customer Engagement: Crafting e-commerce platforms and self-service portals to enhance customer interaction.&#10;&#8226; Operational Efficiency: Streamlining product content, pricing, inventory, and order management alongside automating critical day-to-day operations.&#10;&#8226; Data Management: Providing business intelligence and data management solutions essential for modern data-driven enterprises.&#10;&#8226; Core Systems: Offering integration services and robust IT architecture to fuel business operations.</p><p>Our proficiency extends across a wide array of technologies, including but not limited to Magento, Kentico, Spryker, Pimcore, MuleSoft, WSO2, Apache Camel, React, React Native, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft.Net, PHP, Symfony, PWA, AWS, and more.</p>

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