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Cloud Consulting

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Stackgenie, headquartered in the UK, stands at the forefront of global cloud consultation. Our specialization spans DevSecOps, Migration, Managed Services, FinOps, Policy as Code, and Containers. With our distinction as a certified Kubernetes Service Provider, we empower companies to harness the full potential of the cloud. Our Team: Our adept cloud specialists possess profound understanding of cloud-centric technologies, Kubernetes being a notable one. We confidently steer businesses through their cloud evolution. Our Offerings: We deliver extensive cloud consultation across various regions, notably the US, Europe, UK, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Germany, and beyond: DevSecOps: Infuse security measures into software creation, emphasizing automation, continuous amalgamation, and industry standards. Migration: Facilitate a smooth shift of applications and databases to the cloud with well-structured evaluations and transition blueprints. Managed Services: Assiduously oversee, refine, and fortify your cloud setup for ultimate assurance. FinOps: Enhance cloud expense efficiency via strategic resource distribution, clear cost insights, and fiscal discipline. Policy as Code: Bolster security and simplify governance through automated policies. Containers: Harness the capabilities of Containers and Kubernetes for modifiable and transferable setups. Recognitions in Kubernetes: Being acknowledged as a Kubernetes Service Provider, our global offerings are diverse: Kubernetes Consultation: Craft and actualize custom Kubernetes strategies. Kubernetes Stewardship: Enduring supervision and enhancement of Kubernetes configurations. Kubernetes Transition: Flawless shift towards Kubernetes-centric structures. Cloud Native Guidance: Embrace industry standards and capitalize on cloud-centric innovations. Data Protection and Dedication: Data discretion is paramount to us, and we're open to entering into NDAs to safeguard your classified details. Reach Out: Learn how Stackgenie can be the catalyst for your cloud metamorphosis.

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