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Company Size: 10 - 49

Information Technology

United States, Los Angeles
Avg. hourly rate: $100 - $149
Min. project size: $50,000+
Founded: 2001

Wearable App DevelopmentIoT DevelopmentMobile App Development

Core Technologies:

Android iOS - iPhone

Company Information

Your description of MIDAS as a team of high-skilled engineers with extensive experience in the FinTech sector, particularly blockchain projects and DeFi protocols, is clear and informative. To make it more engaging and impactful, you can consider a slightly revised version:

**MIDAS: Shaping the Future of FinTech with Blockchain Expertise**

At MIDAS, we're more than just a team of high-skilled engineers; we're a group of entrepreneurs who not only understand your business needs but also have the expertise to deliver viable solutions. With a combined experience of over 7 years, we've immersed ourselves in various fields of the FinTech sector, bringing the best practices to clients across the globe.

**Our Expertise:** We specialize in blockchain projects and DeFi protocols, and our portfolio includes a diverse range of clients, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, dApps, wallets, and peer-to-peer platforms.

**What Sets Us Apart:**
- **Entrepreneurial Insight:** Our team's entrepreneurial experience enables us to approach your projects with a deep understanding of your unique requirements.

- **Proven Track Record:** With more than 7 years in the industry, we've consistently delivered top-tier solutions to clients.

- **FinTech Focus:** Our expertise in the FinTech sector positions us at the forefront of innovation in blockchain and DeFi.

MIDAS is not just a service provider; we're your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of the FinTech landscape. Join us in shaping the future of FinTech with cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey of innovation and success.

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