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Company Size: 50 - 249


United States, New York


Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $1,000+
Founded: 2004

Application TestingWeb DevelopmentMobile App Development

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**SJ Innovation: Pioneering Web Solutions Since 2004** For nearly two decades, SJ Innovation has been at the forefront of crafting innovative web solutions. What began in 2004 as a humble endeavor has transformed into a dynamic full-service web development company recognized for delivering tailor-made software solutions that empower businesses to thrive. **Our Flagship Service: BuildYourAI** At the heart of our offerings stands BuildYourAI, a testament to our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology. Through this service, we develop bespoke applications for clients, harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI, DALL-E, Stable Defusion, and other AI frameworks. We leverage advanced technology to create intelligent, powerful solutions, uniquely tailored to our clients' needs. Our expertise extends to harnessing the full potential of advanced AI models, including GPT-3 and beyond. **What Sets Us Apart:** **1. A Culture-Centric Approach:** We are a culture-driven organization, with the happiness of our employees at the core of our values. **2. Round-the-Clock Support:** Our NY-based project management team, along with members distributed across various time zones, ensures extensive hours of support, making us available whenever you need us. **3. Exceptional Communication:** We uphold a commitment to 100% transparency and clear processes, ensuring that you are kept well-informed throughout our collaboration. **Our Proven Process:** - **Hiring Culturally Fit Talent:** Through SJ University, we continuously develop the technical and soft skills of our team members to ensure they align with our values and culture. - **Cross-Functional Collaboration:** We involve team members from every department in the requirement gathering phase, enriching our solutions with diverse perspectives. - **Dedicated US-Based Project Management:** Your projects are overseen by a US-based project manager, and our strict adherence to agile principles ensures efficient software delivery. - **Transparent Communication:** We believe in clear and frequent communication with our clients, offering regular updates and addressing technical clarifications promptly. Your feedback is integral to our process. - **Post-Support and Quality Assurance:** Our commitment doesn't end with delivery. We provide post-support and assurance to ensure the longevity and quality of your product. - **Visionary Leadership:** Our strong leadership is committed to a long-term vision, resulting in a high retention rate and a dedication to continuous growth. Empower your business with the expertise, innovation, and dedication that SJ Innovation offers. Join us in shaping the future of web solutions. Discover more at [Build Your AI](

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