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Advance with Confidence
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United States, Wilder


Avg. hourly rate: $150 - $199
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2008

Web DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

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"Advance with Confidence"

We present a unique service and delivery model meticulously crafted for mid-market companies. Our approach combines development, maintenance, and tech support services into a bundled package, all for a fixed monthly fee. This model is tailored to instill both financial and operational stability, specifically catering to companies investing in transformative web and mobile applications. It's a proprietary formula we've honed over the years.

The competition continues to offer dedicated teams and staff augmentation services for one-off projects, a traditional approach that doesn't align well with mid-market companies. These businesses often lack the in-house IT talent required to maintain what's delivered. This mismatch can spell disaster. Without proactive services for proper digital asset maintenance, the outcome can be catastrophic. We urge you not to find yourself locked into a break-fix service agreement—it's not conducive to sustainable business growth.

Are you ready to step off the rollercoaster ride you've been on with your current vendor?

In addition to our bundled development, maintenance, and support services, we also provide comprehensive support to maintain and enhance previous investments in web and mobile applications. We're deeply committed to the long-term success of our clients. We take pride in our lightning-fast average response time for support requests, which is less than five minutes. With our support and maintenance services, you'll be poised to realize your return on investment.

Do you have a clear understanding of the health of your web or mobile application?

We meticulously track and report on all aspects of our development, support, and maintenance services. Consequently, we can offer real-time insights into the health of our clients' digital assets. Imagine the value of this when you're on the path to a merger or acquisition. Partner with us, and your web or mobile application will become a multiplier, not a discount. Your digital assets will be a strategic asset, not a liability.

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