Managed Virtual Executive Assistants for Teams
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United States, Portland


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Founded: 2008

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Company Information

Prialto stands as the world's premier provider of subscription-based managed executive virtual assistant services. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company offers professional executive assistant services for a fixed monthly fee, connecting businesses worldwide with highly skilled remote executive assistants.&#10;&#10;Their core focus is on assisting executives by managing calendars, schedules, expenses, travel arrangements, sales support, and various administrative tasks.&#10;&#10;Prialto's U.S.-based Engagement Managers work continuously to optimize the service, while their talented and educated employees based in offices in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Kenya deliver day-to-day support.&#10;&#10;The managed service guarantees consistently robust and proactive support, eliminating the need for businesses to handle the challenges of hiring, training, and managing administrative roles. Each assistant is equipped with trained backups who are familiar with the processes, ensuring continual support without any interruptions.&#10;&#10;Prialto is dedicated to enhancing and empowering individuals, from every executive using their service to every employee providing it. Their commitment lies in positively impacting people's professional lives.&#10;&#10;Prialto invites individuals to explore how they stand out and why their service differs from traditional administrative support offerings.

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