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Company Size: 50 - 249

ECommerceFinancial ServicesRetailHealth Care & Medical

Poland, Warszawa


Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2006

Web DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

Embark on a Journey of Digital Excellence with Us In 2006, we set out on a mission as a small group of highly motivated PHP developers, driven by a vision to create dependable and scalable digital solutions. Our aim was clear: to empower our clients with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to modernize and elevate their operations. As pioneers in Magento services in Poland, our journey was marked by continuous growth and expansion. Over the years, our expertise has evolved to encompass a diverse array of technologies, including RoR, Python, Node.js, Golang, and a wide spectrum of frontend technologies. Today, we proudly stand as a 150+ member strong full-stack team, with a remarkable track record of delivering over 1400 projects to clients across the globe. Our reach spans various industries, from retail and fintech to healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. At our core, we are a tech consultancy, specializing in web and mobile advisory services. Our focus is on crafting custom solutions that are not only easily upgradable but also highly scalable and maintainable. Our Services Encompass: - IT Consulting - Managed IT Services - Product Design and Development As proud Twilio Technology Partners, we offer access to cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our clients remain at the forefront of innovation. Our recognition as Top Developers by Clutch, coupled with a stellar 5-star client rating, reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our Key Strengths Include: 🌐 **Tech Diversity**: Our versatile full-stack team excels in delivering end-to-end projects while serving as trusted advisors, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and long-term maintainability. This approach helps you avoid costly technical debt down the road. 🌟 **Developers Seniority and Loyalty**: Our rigorous screening process, passed by only 2% of developers, results in a team of seasoned Mid and Senior developers who have been with us for years. This provides our clients with stability, assurance, and unmatched technical proficiency. It also allows us to guide your IT strategy and assist in making informed decisions for scalable projects. 🏆 **Operational Excellence**: We've meticulously crafted stringent yet adaptable processes to ensure that every solution we deliver is nothing short of excellent. We proactively monitor, analyze risks, and employ robust QA procedures to ensure seamless operations. 🔗 **Versatility**: Whether you require managed IT services or complete product delivery, we're here to meet your needs. We excel in working on individual modules or entire ecosystems of applications, adapting to your unique requirements. Join us on a journey of innovation and transformation. Let's turn your digital aspirations into reality.

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