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Company Size: 50 - 249


Poland, Warszawa


Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 2007

BlockchainWeb DevelopmentMobile App Development

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Plavno: Pioneering Software Excellence for Over a Decade With over 15 years under our belt, Plavno stands tall as a leading software development house, powered by a team that's seasoned, specialized, and aligned with your industry's nuances. Our well-rounded teams excel at every facet of product creation, guiding you from initial product strategy and analysis through to design, development, rigorous testing, and dedicated support. Our distinguishing edge? Our pre-assembled teams delve exclusively into their domain specialties, encompassing Healthcare, E-Learning, FinTech, Travel & Hospitality, Fleet Management, and beyond. Our Expertise Includes: ✔ Comprehensive Web Development ✔ Cutting-edge Mobile App Development ✔ Tailored CRM/CMS/SaaS Solutions ✔ Innovative Chat and Chatbot Creation ✔ Advanced Web3, DeFi, DAO, & Smart Contract Development ✔ WebRTC Integration Wave goodbye to the pitfalls of inflated budgets and prolonged time-to-market. With Plavno, you get a holistic team that delivers budget-friendly, streamlined solutions, optimizing every element to diminish technical liabilities and elevate your product's potential. Our consistent alignment with the SAFe Scaled Agile Framework ensures you're paired with a proven, effective partner. TAKE THE NEXT STEP Ready to redefine your digital journey? Connect with us to chart the best way forward, creating unmatched solutions:

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