Pickled Frames

Creating 2D animation with mesmerizing characters
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Poland, Kraków


Avg. hourly rate: $100 - $149
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2020

Video Production

Company Information

<p>Pickled Frames is an energetic 2D animation studio known for its captivating, narrative-focused animations. While they excel in bringing characters to life, particularly renowned and highly rated on platforms like Clutch, their specialty isn't limited to motion-design videos featuring flying shapes&#8212;rather, their strength lies in character-driven narratives.</p><p>Their impressive portfolio includes collaborations with major names such as Electronic Arts, Universal Music, YALE, Ordo, TVN, and various other notable companies.</p><p>Operating as a full-service production house, Pickled Frames offers an all-inclusive experience. They handle the entire process, starting from a mere idea and taking it to a polished, ready-to-use animated video. This involves scriptwriting, directing, storyboarding, creating animatics, developing mood boards and style frames, character and prop design, illustration, rigging, animation, as well as voice-over and sound design.</p><p>In the end, clients receive a remarkable animated video suitable for various platforms including TV, streaming services, social media, and websites.</p><p>For anyone seeking an engaging, character-centric animation experience, Pickled Frames is a go-to option for their comprehensive services and expertise in crafting compelling narratives through animation. They encourage potential clients to get in touch to discuss their upcoming projects.</p>

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