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Company Size: 250 - 999

ECommerceInformation TechnologyFinancial ServicesAdvertising & Marketing

Netherlands, Amsterdam


Avg. hourly rate: < $25
Min. project size: $1,000+
Founded: 2015

Customer Service OutsourcingBack Office OutsourcingSales Outsourcing

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Pexly: Multilingual Customer Support, Round the Clock Pexly delivers unparalleled, cost-effective customer service and back-office assistance, available 24/7 across a spectrum of over 30 languages. At the core of Pexly lies a commitment to fostering impeccable customer relations, driving heightened loyalty and retention. Our global presence allows us to cater to diverse time zones and an expansive linguistic range, underlining our dedication to making every customer feel valued and understood. Choose Pexly for a dual advantage: premium, multilingual customer support that's not just efficient, but also remarkably cost-effective. Elevate your customer experience with Pexly, where care meets competence.

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