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Game Development and Technology Services Company
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India, Mumbai
Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Founded: 2011

BrandingCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

**Nilee Games: Your Trusted Partner for Game Development and Technology Services**

Nilee Games is a dynamic team of skilled professionals dedicated to the art of game development. With a focus on creating original intellectual properties (IPs) and innovative concepts for existing IPs, they prioritize high production values and top-notch game quality. Building long-term client relationships and fostering collaboration are at the core of their development process.

**Key Platforms:**

Nilee Games currently specializes in game development for a range of platforms, including:

1. **Mobile Platforms:** iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
2. **Web Platforms:** Flash, Facebook
3. **Emerging Platforms:** Tizen
4. **Cross-Platform:** HTML5

**HTML5 Games and Applications:**

Nilee Games has a strong presence in HTML5 game and application development. Their HTML5 products are optimized to work seamlessly on various browsers across mobile, tablet, desktop, and smart TV. These high-quality HTML5 games are licensed by leading HTML5 game publishers. Furthermore, their experienced team is well-versed in porting games to native Android, iOS, Tizen, and Windows Mobile platforms, ensuring that ported games maintain performance and offer features like ads and in-app purchases.

**Comprehensive Services:**

Beyond game development, Nilee Games offers a broad range of services, including mobile application development, augmented reality apps, simulation games, and architectural interactive applications. Their extensive expertise makes them a reliable partner for various technology-related projects.

Nilee Games is dedicated to bringing your gaming ideas to life while ensuring quality, performance, and success in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

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