UI/UX Design for Startups and Growing Products
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Company Size: 10 - 49

Business ServicesECommerceConsumer Products & ServicesSupply Chain, Logistics, and TransportFinancial Services

Ukraine, L'viv


Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2019

UX UI Design

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Metacarbon: Elevating User Experiences for Innovative Products&#10;&#10;Metacarbon is not just a UI/UX design company; it's a partner in your product's journey. We specialize in guiding product teams, whether you're a dynamic startup or a well-established product, through the entire product design process. Our design prowess has contributed to the success of renowned brands such as, Slash, Glorify, Koala, Faliam, Metamundo, Amnesia, and Bookis, while also collaborating with promising startups at the inception of their exciting journeys.&#10;&#10;Our legacy is etched in the interfaces of digital products, collectively reaching more than 16 million Monthly Active Users. What sets us apart? Here's what we bring to the table:&#10;&#10;<b>Our Expertise:</b>&#10;<b>1. Building Remarkable User Experiences:</b> We craft efficient user experiences tailored to SaaS, Fintech, Mobile, E-Commerce, and Web3 products.&#10;<b>2. Distinctive Interfaces: </b>Our designs not only look good but also fulfill their function, setting your product apart from the competition.&#10;<b>3. Collaboration at the Core:</b> We believe in daily, hands-on collaboration with your product team, ensuring our designs align with your vision.&#10;<b>4. Service-Centric Approach:</b> Everything begins with service thinking and a solid product strategy as the foundation.&#10;<b>5. Scalable Design Systems:</b> We deliver design systems that scale seamlessly and manage the design-to-development handoff process effortlessly.&#10;&#10;**Our Services:**&#10;- **UI/UX Design:** We breathe life into your product with captivating, user-friendly designs.&#10;- **Iterative Product Design:** We fine-tune products at scale, continuously enhancing their user experience.&#10;- **Product Redesign:** Transform your existing products into modern, user-centric gems.&#10;- **Rapid Prototyping:** Quickly visualize and test your ideas before they hit the market.&#10;&#10;Ready to explore our success stories? Dive into our case studies at [](;&#10;Catch a glimpse of our creative process on Dribbble: [](;&#10;Have questions or excited to get started? Reach out to us at []( and let's create something amazing together!

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