Digital Products Custom Software & Brand/UX Design
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Company Size: 50 - 249

ECommerceEducationNon-ProfitHospitality & LeisureFinancial ServicesAdvertising & Marketing

Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 2008

E-Commerce DevelopmentIT Staff AugmentationCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentAI Development

Company Information

You are a versatile digital agency with over 20 years of experience, offering a comprehensive range of IT services. Your expertise spans from brand design to the development of large-scale websites and custom software solutions. You've successfully executed more than 300 software development projects, covering diverse areas such as corporate brand design, marketing websites, e-commerce platforms, and complex systems like ERP solutions.

You also specialize in managing augmented teams, catering to both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Your services encompass project management, product management, scrum management, and other production management tasks. You take pride in assisting small businesses with ambitious visions, turning their big ideas into reality.

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