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Crafting solutions for Digital + Brand + People.
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Company Size: 10 - 49

ECommerceFinancial Services

United States, Denver


Avg. hourly rate: $150 - $199
Min. project size: $50,000+
Founded: 2021

Custom Software Development

Company Information

<p>Matic, a dynamic Denver-based agency, specializes in offering strategic creative solutions across a spectrum of services, leveraging our expertise in strategic planning, execution, and scalability. We are proficient in strategy and design, app and software development, and providing adaptable embedded talent solutions. Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, including experience from established agencies, Deloitte, and innovative startups, all united in our commitment to assisting partners in realizing their initiatives and bolstering engagement. With a rich background in Travel, Fin-tech, Health, and Technology, we've crafted apps, brands, and websites for various domains.</p><p>Our Menu of Services includes:</p><p>Brand Development</p><ul><li>Brand Vision</li><li>Identity Development</li><li>Platforms &amp; Campaigns</li><li>Story Crafting</li><li>Playbook Development</li><li>Content Creation</li><li>Creative Direction</li><li>Marketing Tactics</li><li>Digital Experience</li></ul><p>360&#176; Solutions</p><ul><li>User Research</li><li>Market Analysis</li><li>Envisioning &amp; Conceptualization</li><li>Strategy</li><li>Content Planning</li><li>UI/UX Design</li><li>Data &amp; Analytics</li><li>Web &amp; App Development</li><li>Team &amp; Talent Solutions</li></ul><p>Embedded Talent</p><ul><li>Full/Part-Time Support</li><li>UI/UX Designers</li><li>Software Engineers</li><li>Product Leaders</li><li>Content Creators</li><li>QA &amp; Project Managers</li><li>Data Science/Engineers</li></ul><p>Matic, derived from the term &#8216;Willing&#8217;, embodies our ethos of curiosity and adaptability. We are &#8216;Willing&#8217; to question &#8216;why&#8217; before &#8216;what&#8217;. Ready to experiment with new ideas and pivot as per user needs. Committed to growing alongside our partners, continually pushing boundaries to exceed expectations. At Matic, being &#8216;Willing&#8217; defines us.</p>

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