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Advertising & Marketing

Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
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Founded: 2020

AI Development

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We specialize in assisting a wide range of companies, from aspiring startups to established enterprises, in harnessing the power of automation and data while prioritizing privacy. Our goal is to optimize marketing strategies, foster sustainable growth, and demonstrate the tangible value of marketing on both the top and bottom lines of a company.&#10;&#10;Our solutions encompass data engineering and marketing analytics, including:&#10;&#10;1. <b>Advanced analytics and modeling</b> such <b>as customer lifetime value modeling</b>, segmentation, forecasting, attribution modeling, <b>uplift measurement</b>, and <b>automated marketing mix modeling.</b>&#10;&#10;2. <b>Automated marketing reporting.</b>&#10;&#10;3. <b>Developing a marketing data warehouse</b> that consolidates data from various sources like Google Analytics, marketing platforms, CRM, ERP, and other sources, creating a unified source of truth for marketing.&#10;&#10;Additionally, we assist in activating signals derived from these models within diverse marketing platforms and CRM/CDP tools, optimizing marketing return on investment (ROI) and enhancing campaign performance.

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