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Portugal, Coimbra
Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
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Founded: 2016

IT Staff AugmentationWeb DevelopmentCustom Software Development

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<p>Discover the World of Mappitall: Your Premier GIS Development Partner</p><p>With over 15 years of unwavering commitment and a global footprint in cartography and GIS web development, Mappitall stands as a seasoned GIS development company.</p><p>We firmly believe that maps possess the unique ability to narrate stories that traditional spreadsheets simply cannot. This belief fuels our dedication to delivering exceptional GIS development services, all meticulously tailored to meet our customers' individual needs.</p><p>Our team of highly skilled professionals boasts expertise in a diverse array of GIS dialects, including Development, Cartography, Database Management, Navigation, Data Entry, and Research. We masterfully blend the latest digital mapping technologies, drawing from a wide spectrum of sources, such as satellite images, aerial photographs, GPS field data, and even traditional paper maps.</p><p>Over the years, we've successfully delivered over 100 GIS projects, consistently surpassing our clients' expectations in a wide range of services:</p><ul><li><p><span>GIS Mapping and Modeling:</span> Our proficiency spans map vectorization, digitization, LIDAR classification, georeferencing, and much more.</p></li><li><p><span>Data Analysis:</span> We excel in spatial data conversion, geodata transformation, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and geospatial data analysis.</p></li><li><p><span>Web App Development:</span> Harnessing the power of Mapbox GL, Leafletjs, HERE Map JavaScript API, Google Map API, ArcGIS, Node.js, Python, Vue, React, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS, we craft cutting-edge web applications that bring GIS data to life.</p></li><li><p><span>Indoor Mapping:</span> Our capabilities extend indoors, where we expertly handle floor plans, indoor navigation, and Building Information Models (BIM).</p></li><li><p><span>GIS Consulting:</span> Whether you need guidance or expert advice, we're here to steer you in the right direction.</p></li></ul><p>In the dynamic world of B2B GIS, Mappitall specializes in creating geospatial mapping tools suitable for businesses of all sizes. We thrive on tackling complex, out-of-the-box projects, addressing our clients' pain points, and fulfilling their unique business needs.</p><p>Whether your journey involves creating a modern GIS mapping solution, hiring a GIS consultant, or advancing your existing GIS project, don't hesitate to reach out to us at <a href="" target="_new"></a>. Let Mappitall be your trusted partner in shaping the future of location intelligence.</p>

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