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Founded: 2011

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<font face="Montserrat">Mobikasa presents itself as a top-rated eCommerce agency based in New York City. Your message is concise and highlights key areas of expertise and services. Here's a breakdown:&#10;&#10;**Services**:&#10;1. **Creative**: This implies a focus on design and user experience, crucial for e-commerce success.&#10;2. **Web Development**: An essential service for creating and maintaining e-commerce websites.&#10;3. **Mobile Apps**: Acknowledging the importance of mobile commerce.&#10;4. **Software Development**: This can encompass a wide range of custom solutions for e-commerce businesses.&#10;5. **ADA Compliance**: Ensuring accessibility for all users, which is increasingly important in the digital space.&#10;6. **SEO &amp; SEM**: Vital for driving traffic and improving the online visibility of e-commerce sites.&#10;7. **AI / ML**: Indicating the use of cutting-edge technology to enhance e-commerce operations.&#10;&#10;**Platforms**:&#10;1. **Shopify**: A popular e-commerce platform known for its user-friendliness.&#10;2. **Magento**: A robust and flexible e-commerce platform often chosen for larger enterprises.&#10;3. **WooCommerce**: A WordPress plugin that's widely used for e-commerce.&#10;4. **BigCommerce**: Known for its scalability and range of features.&#10;5. **AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)**: A platform for building websites and mobile apps.&#10;&#10;Your mention of having fun and getting serious at times adds a touch of personality to your introduction, suggesting a dynamic and adaptable team.&#10;&#10;Overall, this brief message provides a snapshot of your agency's areas of expertise and the platforms you work with, which can be useful for businesses seeking e-commerce solutions in New York City.</font>

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