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Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
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Founded: 2017

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<p>Introducing Lumi - your dedicated partner for tech startups on the path to discovering, designing, and building products that captivate users and drive exponential growth. Our comprehensive services encompass every facet of the product lifecycle, from initial ideation through meticulous design and development to strategic marketing and ongoing growth support.</p><p>Our notable impact extends to over 25 million users who have experienced products we've actively contributed to. Operating on a global scale, we've collaborated with clients worldwide, with a strong presence in the US, UK, and mainland Europe. Our primary areas of expertise lie in crafting exceptional SaaS solutions, subscription-based iOS apps, and innovative applications of artificial intelligence.</p><p>With firsthand experience as former startup founders, we possess an intimate understanding of the intricate dynamics within startup organizations. At Lumi, our commitment transcends merely offering world-class design and development services &#8211; we're well-equipped to provide strategic guidance and support where needed.</p><p>Our exceptional track record boasts over 25 million users and three successful exits, illustrating our profound impact on the industry. Notably, our development of a desktop app for Trello played a pivotal role in their acquisition by Atlassian.</p><p>If you're nurturing a groundbreaking idea and aspire to bring it to life, here's a glimpse of what Lumi excels at:</p><p><span>Research:</span></p><ul><li>Directional validation and in-depth research</li><li>User interviews that provide valuable insights</li><li>Rigorous user testing to refine your product's usability</li></ul><p><span>Ideation:</span></p><ul><li>Product discovery to identify your unique value proposition</li><li>Scope building and concept design</li><li>Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your idea</li></ul><p><span>Custom Development:</span></p><ul><li>MVP creation tailored to your specific requirements</li><li>Low Code / No Code Prototyping for rapid development</li><li>Accelerated MVP development for quick results</li></ul><p><span>Full-Scale Product:</span></p><ul><li>Web App Development</li><li>Mobile App Development</li><li>SaaS Development</li><li>Rigorous Quality Assurance to ensure impeccable performance</li></ul><p>Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation and build something extraordinary? Let Lumi be your guiding light.</p>

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