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United States, San Luis Obispo
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Founded: 2007

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Your description of Hathway as a mobile innovation agency is informative and highlights your capabilities well. To make it more engaging and memorable, you can consider a slightly revised version:

**Connecting People in New Ways: Unleashing Digital Innovation**

Hathway is not just a mobile innovation agency; we're the architects of fresh connections between people. We are thinkers and creators, seamlessly blending meaningful brand experiences, digital products, and emerging technology to drive the future. Since 2008, Hathway has been at the forefront of helping global brands place useful apps and messages right into the hands of customers when and where they need them.

**What We Do:**

- **Mobile Application Development:** We craft cutting-edge mobile applications that captivate users and deliver tangible results.

- **Responsive Web Design:** Our websites adapt to every device and screen size, ensuring a seamless experience.

- **Commerce:** We empower brands with e-commerce solutions that drive growth and customer engagement.

- **User Experience Design:** We create user-centered designs that enhance brand experiences.

- **Facebook App Development:** Leveraging the power of social media to extend your brand's reach.

- **Multimedia Web Applications:** Engaging web solutions with rich media experiences.

- **Communities, Intranets, and Portals:** Building digital spaces for collaboration and connection.

- **Digital Signage:** Captivating displays that make an impact.

- **Web Services and API Integration:** Seamlessly connecting digital systems for efficiency.

- **Platform Integration (SAP, Oracle, etc):** Streamlining business processes for success.

- **Analytics and Optimization:** Transforming insights into actions for continuous improvement.

**Our Mission:**
We help brands craft their complete digital ecosystem, spanning devices, platforms, and touchpoints.

At Hathway, we are not just a technology provider; we are your partners in transforming digital innovation into reality. Whether it's mobile app development, web design, or creating immersive digital experiences, we are here to ignite your brand's digital journey. Reach out to us, and let's pioneer the future together.

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