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We design & build secure and resilient software.
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Company Size: 50 - 249

Business ServicesECommerceInformation TechnologyGPS, Navigation & GISAdvertising & Marketing

Avg. hourly rate: $150 - $199
Min. project size: $5,000+
Founded: 1995

E-Commerce DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentCustom Software Development

Company Information

<p>End Point, established in the vibrant landscape of New York City in 1995, is a comprehensive software consultancy with a rich history and deep expertise in various domains. We are an assembly of software developers, eCommerce specialists, and systems experts, each contributing their unique skills to the tapestry of our services.</p><p>Over the course of the past two decades, our journey has been marked by automating business processes, ushering innovative ideas to market, and constructing expansive, dynamic infrastructure.</p><p><span>Ecommerce:</span>&#10;Our journey in the world of online commerce dates back to the era of dial-up internet. Whether you are launching a brand new venture or seeking to expand your existing eCommerce presence, we offer unwavering support.</p><ul><li>Interchange: End Point stands as the recognized authority.</li><li>Magento: A leading open-source system.</li><li>BigCommerce: Empowering you with capabilities in shipping, payments, and selling on Amazon.</li><li>Django: An open-source, highly customizable platform.</li><li>Spree: We are the creators of Spree, a customizable storefront.</li><li>Shopify: Quick access to the popular eCommerce platform.</li><li>Drupal: Leveraging the power of this widely used platform.</li></ul><p><span>Custom Applications:</span>&#10;We craft software solutions that align seamlessly with your unique workflow, delivering value and intelligence to your organization.</p><p><span>Enterprise Security:</span>&#10;We are committed to delivering verifiable security to our clients, assisting organizations in fortifying their infrastructure and software applications.</p><ul><li>Audit to identify security risks.</li><li>Develop a comprehensive protection plan.</li><li>Strengthen infrastructure and applications.</li><li>Implement real-time monitoring and recovery systems.</li><li>Swift response to security threats.</li><li>Continual improvement planning.</li></ul><p><span>Managed Infrastructure:</span>&#10;We specialize in constructing highly available infrastructure that scales rapidly and seamlessly. Our dedicated support is delivered by a team of experts spanning the globe.</p><p>At End Point, we have the expertise, experience, and dedication to drive the success of your projects. We invite you to explore the possibilities and partner with us in your journey to innovation and growth.</p>

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