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ECommerceEducationMediaArts, Entertainment & MusicConsumer Products & ServicesRetailAdvertising & Marketing

United Kingdom, London


Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $50,000+
Founded: 2016

Web DesignWeb DevelopmentMobile App Development

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<p>Digiruu is a distinguished mobile app development company with a stellar reputation, holding awards and accolades on Clutch. With over a decade of experience, we have honed our expertise in crafting top-tier apps for startups and businesses across diverse industries, all with a common goal &#8211; delivering remarkable results.</p><p>Our impressive portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including the development of the Official Climate Week NYC app, which supported the largest climate summit globally, the groundbreaking work with the UK's first branch-free mobile phone network, Moblox, and the official ByErim app for renowned social media influencer Erim Kaur.</p><p><span>Our Comprehensive Services Include:</span></p><ul><li>iPhone Native App Development (Swift, Objective-C)</li><li>Android Native App Development (Java, Kotlin)</li><li>iPad &amp; Tablet Development</li><li>UI/UX Product Design (Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and more)</li><li>Website Development</li><li>MVP Planning and App Prototyping</li><li>Ongoing Maintenance</li></ul><p><span>Industries We Excel In:</span></p><ul><li>Retail &amp; Consumer</li><li>Health &amp; Fitness</li><li>Hospitality</li><li>E-commerce</li><li>Education</li><li>Green Tech</li><li>Space Tech</li></ul><p><span>Why Opt for Digiruu?</span></p><p>Creating a profit-driven app with a compelling return on investment requires a winning strategy and a proficient team to execute it. This is where Digiruu excels, consistently delivering outstanding results.</p><p>One notable success story involved our collaboration with the UK's top-rated restaurant, catapulting them from a modest pizzeria to a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Users and critics hailed their app as the best pizza ordering app, surpassing renowned brands like Pizza Hut and Domino's. Additionally, we even designed an app linked to a satellite currently orbiting the Earth.</p><p>At Digiruu, your success is our unwavering commitment, reflected in our stellar five-star rating.</p><p><span>Embark on Your App Development Journey:</span></p><p>Ready to turn your app vision into reality and join our ever-growing list of success stories? Book a free consultation with our accomplished team today by visiting <a href="https://www.digiruu.com/get-started" target="_new">digiruu.com/get-started</a>. Let's get started on your next app development triumph! &#11088;&#65039;&#11088;&#65039;&#11088;&#65039;&#11088;&#65039;&#11088;&#65039;</p>

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