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United States, Palo Alto


Avg. hourly rate: $100 - $149
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 2009

Custom Software DevelopmentAI Development

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🚀 Unleash the Power of AI with Our Expertise 🚀 At our core, we are facilitators of innovation, dedicated to guiding product managers in seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence into their products. Our 14 years of unwavering commitment to the world of Data Science and analytics has made us an esteemed partner of NVIDIA. 🌿 Embracing ESG Principles for Sustainable Solutions 🌿 We firmly understand the pivotal role of ESG principles in crafting AI solutions. Our team is on a mission to create sustainable products that resonate with your values and nurture social responsibility. We firmly believe in AI's potential to bring about positive change and remain steadfast in our commitment to turning that belief into reality. 🎯 Is Our Vision Aligned with Yours? 🎯 If any of the following thoughts have crossed your mind, we are the perfect fit for you: ● "My stakes are high, and I demand the absolute best." ● "I know the AI features I need, but I require an expert to make them a reality." ● "Our previous AI Proof of Concept was a letdown, and we never want to experience that again." ● "I need a service that guarantees the right AI architecture without a shadow of doubt." ● "We seek consultation on feasibility and a project cost estimate." ● "We require an AI expert to develop a Proof of Concept that will impress potential investors and secure the next round of funding." 🔗 What You Gain by Partnering with Us 🔗 By choosing to collaborate with us, you unlock the following benefits: 🌟 A hassle-free AI experience - From crafting precise models to deploying them and aligning with your requirements, we ensure the delivery of a polished AI product or service. 🔮 Proactive anticipation of challenges and risk mitigation, offering you a smoother journey. 💰 Turnkey, investor-ready models and documents that attract capital. 📈 A chance to impress your management and investors with cutting-edge AI solutions. 💡 Significant cost savings through our MVP and Proof of Concept (POC) services, allowing you to test your hypotheses without venturing down unnecessary paths. 📊 A Glimpse into Our Achievements 📊 ● Distinguished as an NVIDIA Elite Partner ● 14 years of dedicated AI professional services ● Over 200 successfully completed AI projects ● A remarkable track record with 70 clients over the last 5 years, contributing to an estimated impact exceeding $200 million ● Proudly headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley ● A talented team of 65 data scientists, including 12 Ph.D. experts Our expertise spans AI, Python, Computer Vision, ChatGPT, Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, MLFlow, AWS Sagemaker, Haystack, OpenAI Plugins, and Langchain. When you partner with us, you embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking the full potential of AI in your products.

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