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Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2011

Web DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

CubeZoo is a forward-thinking Mobile App and Web Development agency that has been shaping digital solutions since 2011.

Our primary mission is to work alongside businesses, translating their tech ideas into practical solutions that cater to human needs. We specialize in taking ideas from concept to commercial success, focusing on viability and scalability every step of the way.

Our Expertise:

- Mobile App Development for IOS and Android
- Web Development
- Database Architecture
- Cloud Infrastructure
- UX/UI Design
- UX/AI Integration

Why Choose CubeZoo:

- Business Comes First: We prioritize your business objectives before diving into technology.
- Prototyping Excellence: We build prototypes before the full-scale development.
- Customer-Centric Approach: Our solutions are user-friendly, intuitive, and designed with the customer in mind.
- Staying Current: We keep pace with the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies.
- Post-Launch Support: We're there to assist you even after your project is live.

With a track record that includes partnering with global organizations such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Telkom, Vodacom, Liberty Life, BMW, and Redefine, CubeZoo has built a reputation for delivering impactful solutions that streamline operations and empower customers with smarter technology.

We believe in simplifying the digital landscape, making it accessible to everyone. If you have a business idea or a tech challenge, don't hesitate to reach out and discuss it with us. We're here to help.

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CubeZoo: People. Digital. Simplified.

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