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Company Size: 10 - 49

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Avg. hourly rate: $100 - $149
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2016

Video ProductionWeb DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

Crafting Tailored No-Code Web and Mobile Apps

Nerdheadz, a team of over 20 in-house data-driven enthusiasts, is dedicated to bringing the innovative ideas of entrepreneurs and businesses to life.

At Nerdheadz, our primary mission is to create reliable no-code web and mobile applications that prioritize user-friendliness and professionalism, all while remaining cost-effective for your business.

We've had the privilege of assisting brands like Propbase, Diadem Capital, and Borderless Jobs, among many others, showcased in our extensive portfolio.

Why Nerdheadz?

1. Our Unique Project Approach: We follow an Agile framework, encouraging active client involvement throughout the project to ensure we have a clear understanding of your requirements and can swiftly address your needs.

2. Clear Time Tracking: We offer a transparent system that allows clients to monitor project activity and track the time invested by the Nerdheadz team.

3. Diverse Industry and Size Expertise: Our team members bring extensive experience across various industries, including artificial intelligence, e-commerce, real estate, SAAS, and startup investments.

4. Flexible Pricing and Affordability: We recognize the importance of flexible pricing to accommodate different budgetary constraints, ensuring high-quality and cost-effective professional services for businesses of all sizes.

5. Rapid Market Entry: Our streamlined approach expedites the introduction of your ideas or app features to the market, ensuring swift satisfaction for your users.

Let's kickstart your big idea! Contact Nerdheadz today to explore the endless possibilities and bring your project to life.

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