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Company Size: 50 - 249

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Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2014

IT Staff AugmentationUX UI DesignWeb DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentAI Development

Company Information

<p>Here are the top three reasons our clients recommend working with Brocoders:</p><ol><li><p><span>High-Quality Code:</span> We pride ourselves on delivering code of the highest standard. Our commitment to quality ensures that your software solution is built to last and perform exceptionally.</p></li><li><p><span>Exceptional Project Managers:</span> Our project managers are known for their focus and organizational skills. You'll find working with them to be a breeze, as they keep projects on track and ensure clear communication.</p></li><li><p><span>Active Listening:</span> Unlike other agencies that might try to tell you what you need, we believe in active listening. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and goals, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are precisely what you need.</p></li></ol><p>&#127482;&#127462; We Stand with Ukraine!</p><p><span>Technologies We Specialize In:</span></p><ul><li>Backend: Node.js</li><li>Frontend: React.js</li><li>DevOps and Cloud Architecture: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure</li><li>Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: React Native, Flutter</li><li>AI Integration</li><li>Generative AI: Open AI, Hugging Face</li></ul><p><span>Our Offices:</span></p><ul><li>Tallinn, Estonia</li><li>Sumy, Ukraine</li></ul><p><span>You Can Rely on Brocoders If You Need:</span></p><ul><li>Complex high-load B2B/B2C SaaS solutions</li><li>A rapidly scalable development team with top experts</li><li>Infrastructure migration to the Cloud</li><li>Advanced Web or Mobile application development, LLM-based solutions</li><li>Support and consulting</li></ul><p><span>Industries We Serve:</span></p><ul><li>Fintech</li><li>Proptech</li><li>Fitness and Sporttech</li><li>E-learning</li><li>Martech/Salestech/AdTech platforms</li></ul><p><span>Our Services:</span></p><ul><li>Custom Software Development</li><li>SaaS Team Augmentation</li><li>UX/UI Design</li><li>Cloud Architecture and DevOps Services</li><li>Software Testing</li><li>IT Strategy Consulting</li></ul>

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