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Company Size: 250 - 999

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Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $100,000+
Founded: 2010

IT Staff AugmentationCustom Software Development

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Arcanys: Empowering Scalable Growth with Your On-Demand Software Team

At Arcanys, we transcend the traditional role of IT outsourcing; we're your strategic partner in unlocking scalable growth. Combining Swiss precision with a global perspective, we specialize in enhancing your existing software development teams with top-tier talent. Our approach is characterized by speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that technology is never a hindrance to your business aspirations.

**Why Choose Us?**

- **Expertise Across Industries:** Our versatile team possesses the skills and experience to cater to your specific needs, regardless of whether you operate in FinTech, Media, E-commerce, or any other sector.

- **Global Reach:** With a client base that spans continents, from Europe to Australia and everywhere in between, our cosmopolitan approach equips us with a deep understanding of the intricacies of diverse markets.

- **Proven Success:** Our track record boasts a remarkable 95% successful placement rate, an impressively low yearly attrition rate, and an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81. We have mastered the art of long-term talent retention.

- **Speed of Hiring:** We expedite the hiring process, making it 10 times faster than if you were to undertake it yourself, allowing you to channel your focus towards what truly matters—your business.

- **Zero-Risk 30-Day Trial:** If, within the first month, you find your team unsatisfactory, you owe us nothing.

**For Startups**

- **Arcanys Ventures:** As the investment arm of Arcanys, we offer more than just capital. We provide invaluable technical guidance and support, making us one of the most insightful resources for founders seeking smart investment.

**Our Services**

- **Development:** Our expertise extends across core languages and frameworks, encompassing Angular, React.js, Node.js, AWS, Azure, .NET, PHP, Java, Golang, Laravel, Python, and more.

- **QA & Testing:** Quality is non-negotiable. Our QA & Testing services are designed to ensure that your product not only meets but exceeds the highest industry standards.

- **Additional Support:** We provide a comprehensive array of support services, including UI/UX design, project coordination, business analysis, and 24/7 customer and technical support.

**Ready to Scale?**

Contact our co-founder today at, and let's embark on a journey to drive your business towards unmatched scalability and success.

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