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Company Size: 50 - 249


Poland, Wrocław


Avg. hourly rate: $50 - $99
Min. project size: $10,000+
Founded: 2001

Web DevelopmentCustom Software Development

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IntexSoft: A Journey from Startup to Software Excellence In 2001, IntexSoft embarked on its remarkable journey as a humble startup, armed with a team of just four Java developers. Today, we stand tall with a force of over 350 dedicated specialists, poised to offer comprehensive end-to-end software development services tailored for both business and tech companies. Our approach is simple yet powerful: We collaborate closely with our clients, delving deep into their unique business needs, and together, we chart the most optimal path to achieve the ultimate goal through software solutions. What Sets Us Apart: - **End-to-End Excellence:** IntexSoft offers the complete spectrum of software development services, all conveniently housed under one roof. - **A Team of 350+ Professionals:** Our vast talent pool comprises over 350 seasoned developers, ready to bring your ideas to life. - **Rigorous NDA:** We take your data security seriously, adhering to strict Non-Disclosure Agreements to safeguard your intellectual property. Core Verticals We Excel In: - **E-commerce** - **Enterprise Software Development** - **HR Solutions** - **Telecommunications** - **Finance & Banking** - **Logistics** - **Real Estate** Our Comprehensive Services Include: - **Business Analysis & IT Consulting** - **UX/UI Design Excellence** - **Web Development** - **Mobile App Development** - **DevOps Expertise** - **Quality Assurance** Additionally, we specialize in app modernization services, breathing new life into your software by revamping interfaces and transitioning from outdated technologies to cutting-edge solutions, ensuring the stability and continued performance of your software. In summary, at IntexSoft, we are driven by one simple motto: "Your Idea. Our Development." Let's join forces to turn your visionary concepts into technological marvels.

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