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Company Size: 250 - 999

ECommerceGamingSupply Chain, Logistics, and TransportFinancial ServicesGamblingRetailAdvertising & Marketing

Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $25,000+
Founded: 2011

Application TestingCustom Software DevelopmentMobile App Development

Company Information

Your company's commitment to delivering outstanding technology solutions and focusing on true partnerships with your clients is evident in your message. Here are the key points highlighted in your message:

1. **Digital Transformation Expertise**: You position your company as a global digital transformation tech company, emphasizing your ability to create digital solutions with innovative technologies and emerging trends. This reflects your adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

2. **Client-Centric Approach**: You underline your commitment to an individual approach and responsiveness to specific client needs. This personalized approach is crucial in building trust and long-term partnerships.

3. **Expertise in Multiple Domains**: You specify expertise in various domains, including supply chain and logistics, retail and e-commerce, health tech, ad tech, fintech, gaming, and entertainment. This indicates a wide-ranging skill set to serve diverse industries.

4. Impressive Milestones:
 - 9 years of success on the market.
 - 850+ highly experienced engineers, demonstrating your depth of technical talent.
 - Global presence with offices in the US, UK, Israel, and an R&D center in Ukraine, showcasing your reach and capacity.
 - Remarkable growth with 212% growth over the past 3 years.
 - High client satisfaction with 100+ clients ready to recommend your services.

5. **Notable Achievements**:
 - Inclusion in the World’s Top 100 IAOP Outsourcing Service Providers List.
 - Consistent recognition as one of Inc. 5000 America's Fastest-Growing Companies over multiple years.
 - Clutch recognition as a top B2B company, top app developer, and top web developer.
 - Recognition in DOU's Top 50 Best IT companies and Top 25 Best IT Employer Companies Lists.
 - Winner of the HR Brand Award in 2015 and 2019 in Ukraine.

6. **Client Priority**: You make it clear that fulfilling client needs and exceeding their expectations regarding software development is your top priority.

This message effectively communicates your company's strengths, capabilities, and its track record in serving a diverse range of industries. It also highlights your commitment to clients, which is a crucial factor in building lasting relationships in the technology and digital transformation space.

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