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Company Size: 10 - 49

Information TechnologyReal EstateHospitality & LeisureSupply Chain, Logistics, and TransportFinancial ServicesManufacturingEnergy & Natural ResourcesRetailAdvertising & Marketing

Avg. hourly rate: $25 - $49
Min. project size: $5,000+
Founded: 2015

Web DevelopmentCustom Software Development

Company Information

DEV-3 is a web design and development company that excels in delivering state-of-the-art websites, web applications, startups, SaaS, and mobile applications. They have a strong focus on providing value that leads to increased conversions, augmented revenue, and substantial income growth. Here's an overview of their areas of expertise and services:

**Areas of Expertise:**
- Custom WordPress sites, including WooCommerce and Memberpress
- Custom enterprise e-commerce solutions
- Shopify theme development
- Webflow website development
- Custom dashboards
- Bespoke marketplaces and platforms
- Mobile apps using Ionic or React Native

**Key Highlights:**
- DEV-3 has worked on a significant volume of projects, including those in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors (although not publicly listed).
- They offer support to ads, branding, marketing, digital, and software agencies, providing on-demand development resources.
- The company follows a seamless process marked by credibility, a strong communication culture, precision, timely delivery, and quality.

DEV-3 is open to various engagement models, such as time and material, fixed price, and dedicated teams. They have experience in web and mobile applications, e-commerce, websites, web apps, mobile apps, PWAs, MVPs, startups, B2B and B2C auctions, and portals. If you're interested in their services or need a project quote, you can reach out to them for further discussions.

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